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Planet X is an inbound 12th planet of our solar system and will cause sever changes on earth. Along with its many large and small moons,
it is a major presence in our sky.
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"Gideon's Earth Prophecies" is a spiritual book and forms a basis for this web site. The material was given to the author from various spiritual guides, the Akashic Record, and the Pleiadian extraterestrials. 
"Gideon's Earth Prophecies" is a 115  page book on the coming passage of Planet X. This is the graphic from the front cover.  It can be purchased thru amazon.com, innerjourneybooks.com, bn.com, or the publisher, booksurge.com.  Signed copies can be acquired through this web site. 
To plan for the approach and passage of Planet X, I constructed an underground concrete SAFEROOM with all the supplies required for two occupants for up to one year.
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